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The Projects.
The Stories.
The History.

Saving history and heritage one site at a time.

We do overseas reclaimed wood through total site reclamation – incredible wood, the intriguing story of the unique structure, and beautiful photographs throughout the reclamation.

We partner with native teams in different countries – people that we have served with in our military careers such as Afghanistan – to scout for the most interesting wooden structures that are about to be lost to time and the elements.

We coordinate disassembly by local craftsmen, follow USDA import requirements, and use international container shipping lines – all to bring the most amazing reclaimed wood to our clients, so they can in turn share the beauty and heritage of the wood with their family and friends.

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The wood. The structure. The story.

The wood.
The structure.
The story.

Three Forks Assurance Guarantee

We’re dedicated to assuring both compliance and quality.

We meet standards and contracts to ensure product quality and quantity.

All product is professionally certified by wood specialists.

USDA APHIS permits, adherence to import regulations.

In-house coordination from structure to delivery ensures a smooth process.

Material insurance policy included in total cost for any loss or damage while in-transit.

Custom contract developed by third-party lawyer for clear agreement on package quality, quantity, and timeline.

Additional Project Inclusions

Coffee Table Book

Professional coffee table-style book with photographs and documentation of the site and area

Canvas Image

Large landscape-style high-quality canvas picture of the structure in its original location


Our team always finds something special from every project site. This gift is a custom surprise and never disappoints.

Location Photoshoot

Digital Folder of All Pictures will be yours forever! You will own the complete record of how your wood lived before joining your history.

Three Forks Project NFT

The Certificates of Authenticity, Wood Analysis Certification, captivating story, and vivid pictures collectively authenticate the unique and genuine nature of the project.

Installation Photography

As the wood takes it’s next chapter of life with you and your family, we offer custom post-installation photography (including family portrait if desired).


50% Upfront, 50% due upon customer specified location.  Contact us today to inquire about our projects.

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