We travel the globe to find the most rare reclaimed wood in the world for you.

Welcome to Three Forks - Wood Reclamation Specialists that Travel the Globe to Find the Best, Most Rare Structures.

Three Forks is a disabled-veteran-owned new business that provides clients an uniquely different approach to reclaimed wood.

Our model is total site reclamation of overseas wooden structures that are becoming lost to time and to provide our clients with high-quality reclaimed wood, the one-of-a-kind story of that wood, and beautiful photography from site discovery to reclamation by local craftsmen for fair compensation.

We do overseas reclaimed wood through total site reclamation - incredible wood, the intriguing story of the unique structure, and beautiful photographs throughout the reclamation.

Our Company

We partner with native teams in different countries – people that we have served with in our military careers such as Afghanistan – to scout for the most interesting wooden structures that are about to be lost to time and the elements.

We coordinate disassembly by local craftsmen, follow USDA import requirements, and use international container shipping lines – all to bring the most amazing reclaimed wood to our clients, so they can in turn share the beauty and heritage of the wood with their family and friends.

Our Latest Projects

Check out our latest acquisitions from all around the globe.

We save the wood from structures that are at the end of their days and pass the wood, as well as its story in both pictures and words, to its next purpose.


Check out our gallery of awe inspiring photos showcasing the best designs with reclaimed wood.

Three Forks Global Network

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Australia Location Coming Soon

Chile Location Coming Soon!

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Ukraine Location Coming Soon!

Three Forks Global Network

Veteran Owned and Operated

Together, we’ve dedicated 58 years of service to our country, during which we were part of elite teams working in faraway places alongside other nations, tackling challenging problems. Throughout this time, we immersed ourselves in diverse and vibrant cultures.

After military retirement, no longer part of the Big Green machine, our desire to stay connected with global partners and friends led us to create a business focused on sustainability, maintaining a touch of “green,” while also sharing the history and culture of these distant locations with customers in the US. Thus, we are now embarking on a new mission – Three Forks Wood Reclamation.