Frequently Asked Questions

Three Forks overseas reclaimed wood provides exotic beauty, one-of-a-kind documented history and heritage, and incredible photographs of the discovery and disassembly of the original wooden structure for the next owner to share with family and friends.

Three Forks is the headwaters of the Missouri River in Montana, where the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers all come together.
Back in 1994, my good friend Fritz Musser and I put a borrowed canoe in at Three Forks and paddled for 60 days all the way to Williston, North Dakota. Along the way, we camped on tiny islands, used bedsheets as sails, and stopped at bridges to hitchhike into towns just to explore.
In 2016, Fritz was killed in the country of Georgia, hiking from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea.  Three Forks is a nod to his memory, and that adventure together.
Three Forks is also shortened to TF, which can be seen in our logo, and is a nod to Chris’ and my deployments with Task Force.

Unfortunately no.  What can be done is for a customer to let us know they are interested in a partial order of a specific structure, and we may be able to pair two or several customers together to allow us to initiate our process of complete structure reclamation.

No, all sites that we have discovered, verified, and documented are listed in our catalog. However, we are always adding new sites from more countries to our catalog all the time. Please check back often or sign up for our newsletter down below, which will keep you updated weekly on all of our new projects!

Yes, if you’re interested in purchasing a structure and would like more information regarding one or two sites in order to make a final selection, please contact us at

Once you have selected a site, please contact us at and we will provide the final specifics of delivery timeline, available photography, and final cost within approximately 72 hours.  We will provide a contract for delivery of all reclaimed wood to your chosen location and will initiate our process upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of total price.  We will confirm total cost due on current weather at the location (most of our sites are very remote and difficult to reach!) as well as timeline from contract to delivery.

Yes, if your reclaimed wood is not delivered in accordance with the signed contract then we will refund your deposit

We take extraordinary effort and care to photograph and track each and every piece of wood reclaimed from disassembly overseas to delivery in the US.  Our teams document each wood piece as it is disassembled on site to loading onto an enclosed truck.  Our teams then follow the trucks to the regional kiln location, oversee the loading and unloading of the kiln, and finally follow the movement from the kiln to the shipping vessel.  Once securely stored into a shipping container and loaded on the ship, the ship is tracked from port to port, and then we document the unloading of the container and final movement of the wood to the customers’ preferred delivery site.

We provided all reclaimed wood from the selected structure as well as a large, high-resolution photograph mounted on foam board for initial presentation alongside the customers’ completed project.  We also provide a coffee table book with photographs from throughout the reclamation process, documentation about the site, and a written compilation of the oral history of the structure, land, and area.

The customer will have the rights to all photographs and story of the reclaimed wood from Three Forks Wood Reclamation.  Three Forks Wood Reclamation reserves the right to display any site photographs and stories on our web site as part of our archived projects.

Yes!  We welcome specific requests and will work with the customer to determine the timeline and cost to find and reclaim any wooden structure being lost to time and the elements anywhere in the world.

Yes, we will fulfill all US Department of Agriculture requirements as outlined by their Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and complete all necessary paperwork required by US Customs inspections at port of entry.

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