Introducing Our

Custom Service Options

Have something specific in mind?  Maybe a part of the world that holds a special significance to you or your family, and you’d like to capture and preserve those memories?  

Three Forks Wood Reclamation is proud to offer people just like you our Custom Service, built specifically to capture your vision and provide you with the type of wood – and experience – you desire. 

Learn more about our Custom Service in the video and information below, and reach out to us.  Together we can make your vision a reality. 

The wood. The structure. The story.

The wood.
The structure.
The story.

How We Make It Happen:

Your Vision

First, we start with your vision. We want to know how geography, culture, and history can best support the project in your home or business. We focus on your intent or type of wood, its story, and photography. from discovery to disassembly.

Scouting and Recon

Next, we research the area using all available resources and reach out to vetted locals.

Team Assembly

We then build a team specific to your mission and travel to where the wood and history is located. The hunt is now on. We scour the area.
Looking high and low, we utilize our global network to make connections, line up possibilities, and dial in potentials. And then we find it.

Confirmation and Options

Now we confirm the history of the wood the land, and the people. We assess the condition of the wood, make all the measurements, take all the photos, and work with the property owner on reclamation options.


Once we have found sites that match your criteria, we present those options to you.

Our only goal is to deliver beautiful wood with the perfect provenance so it can naturally become part of your family's history. We don't just reclaim wood, we reclaim history.

Want To Work Together?

Fill out our inquiry form and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss the details.